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5 Pieces of Advice From a NYC Tour Guide

The famous "kiss" in Times Square

  Hi there!  I’m Max, the founder of CityRover Walks NY and a licensed NYC tour guide.  If you’re visiting New York City soon, you’ll quickly find out we New Yorkers are not shy about expressing our opinions and giving you our “two cents”.  And I am no exception.  So if you’re planning your NYC […]

Kykuit: The Rockefeller Estate – One of the Best Day Trips From NYC

Kykuit, the Rockefeller Mansion

Kykuit offers the perfect day trip opportunity from New York City, particularly for travelers who enjoy architecture, art, beautiful landscapes, and history.   Less than one hour from Rockefeller Center, tucked into Pocantico Hills, is the beautiful Rockefeller Estate called “Kykuit”.  Located in Sleepy Hollow (Westchester County, NY), Kykuit is less than 40 minutes by train […]

Best Bagels in NYC: Traditional Shops Loved by Locals

NYC bagel with cream cheese

Written by Max Vishnev, founder of CityRover Walks NY Last updated: June 15, 2016     This guide will help you find the best bagels in NYC, whether you’re in the mood for an “everything” bagel with butter, a sesame bagel with cream cheese, or a whole wheat one with fresh lox, tomatoes, and a […]

Best Restaurants in Chinatown: A NY Guide to Great Chinese Food

Traditional Dim Sum in Chinatown

By Julia and Max Vishnev   This food guide, written by a native New Yorker, will help you find the best restaurants in New York’s bustling Chinatown — from dim sum to dinner.   I’m Julia, and as a half-Chinese native New Yorker who grew up going to Chinatown every weekend with my family, I’ve had […]

Cornelia Street: Great Dining Options Away From the Crowds

Cornelia Street Cafe est. 1977

  Cornelia Street is home to some of the best restaurants in NYC.  So whether you’re visiting New York for the first or fifth time, enjoy a great meal on Cornelia Street away from the crowds and off the beaten path in the heart of Greenwich Village.   This old narrow street, which runs one block from Bleecker Street to West […]

Best Coffee Shops in NYC – Neighborhood Guide with Maps

The perfect cortadoWritten by: Max Vishnev, founder of CityRover Walks NY Updated: May 17, 2016 This detailed guide on the 100 best coffee shops in New York City (by neighborhood) is all you'll need to find a great cup of coffee when visiting Manhattan.   The main selection criteria for this list of great NYC coffee spots: Specialty coffee shops where [...]

5 Great Pizza Spots in Greenwich Village

Delicious pizza at Bleecker Street PizzaUpdated April 1, 2016 There are lots of great reasons to visit Greenwich Village.  And great pizza is certainly one of them!   Most locals will tell you that NYC has the best pizza (our clean and tasty tap water is the secret "ingredient") and many visitors would agree.  And Greenwich Village makes it easy to sample your [...]

Suggested 1-Day NYC Itinerary and Self-guided Tour

Leo Astor outside NY Public LibraryWritten by Max Vishnev, founder of CityRover Walks NY Updated: March 29, 2016   Are you visiting New York City soon? Will you only have a few days to try cover as many of the famous places and attractions as possible?     If you answered "Yes" to one or both of the questions above, then this [...]

McSorley’s Old Ale House – NY’s Oldest Irish Pub

McSorley's Old Ale HouseTo step into McSorley’s Old Ale House is to take a trip back in time.   To a time when the Lower East Side portion of Manhattan was full of poor European immigrants living in dark, overcrowded tenements and working in factories and sweatshops, or on the docks and construction sites; a New York before sanitation grades [...]

Brooklyn Bridge – An Introduction to a New York Icon

Brooklyn Bridge view from Manhattanby Max Vishnev, founder of CityRover Walks NY   The Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York's most iconic structures.   It’s been featured in countless movies, songs, photographs, and paintings.  Ken Burns, the famous documentary film-maker, did a film about the Brooklyn Bridge, which was nominated for an Oscar in 1982.   But what makes [...]

Central Park Background Info and Frequently Asked Questions

Nature in Central Park with San Remo in the backgroundby Max Vishnev, founder of CityRover Walks NY This free Central Park guide is divided into 2 sections:   1.  Central Park background info   2.  Central Park Frequently Asked Questions     First things first: Central Park is not just a famous park to check off your “must see” list while visiting New York [...]