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Central Park Tour – Explore Manhattan’s Man-Made Masterpiece and Escape the City

Gapstow Bridge in Central Park

Tour Highlights

  • Escape NY’s concrete jungle and get lost in America’s first and most famous landscaped city park
  • Discover some of the most photographed Central Park landscapes and features, including The Mall, Bethesda Terrace, The Lake & Bow Bridge, Strawberry Fields & Imagine Memorial, The Great Lawn, and many others
  • Learn about some of Central Park’s secrets and discover hidden gems like the Ladies’ Pavilion, Belvedere Castle, and Shakespeare Garden
  • Enjoy Central Park’s incredible beauty while learning about its history and design
My husband I and took this tour in October 2015. I lived, studied and worked in New York for approx. 10 years before moving away and now returning just a few months ago. I have been to Central Park umpteen times but never have I experienced the park the way we experienced it today with Max!

First off, Max is just a terrific person. He is a phenomenal guide but honestly he is just a great guy. So many people (who were not on the tour) would come up and ask him for help or directions and he would always be patient and kind with them. A+ in my book for just being a good human being.

Max is also a wealth of knowledge! And not just the knowledge you find in a tour book or guide book. He lives and breathes NYC. A true Brooklyn'er, he loves the city and acknowledges its beauty, its heart, its soul as well its issues and problems.

In this tour, you will ``lose yourself`` in the park. You will see learn more about the designers of the park and their unique personalities, encounter the depiction of ``four seasons``, be enchanted by famous storybook characters, discover an Egyptian treasure you may never have known existed, learn more about ``schist`` than you ever thought possible :), and the list goes on! My review would be several pages if I even try to touch on everything we discussed today!

We were so fortunate to have a great guide but also a great group of people on our tour. Autumn in NYC is my favorite time and enjoying the park on this tour while learning so much from Max while also taking time to hear the local singers and musicians perform was absolutely perfect.

Max- thanks so much for such an informative and entertaining tour! Thanks for being someone who makes NYC such an amazing place! We had a blast and can't wait to tour with you again!

This is my third tour with Max (Central Park) and as expected it was the best thing one can do to learn more about this fantastic city! He is so knowledgeable and genuinely loves interacting with his customers. Looking forward to my next tour with Max and his colleagues!
I booked two tours with Cityrover based on the amazing reviews online. (One with Max in Central Park and the Landmark Explorer tour with Ryan.) Highly recommended if you travel solo. Lots and lots of information and fun. Super helpful.

Central Park is best explored on foot, but not all NY sightseeing tours are created equal. Join our small-group, intimate walking tour of Central Park, and together we will explore its winding paths, famous landscapes and hidden gems.  Along the way, you’ll learn a lot about the park, its design and evolution, and the development of the great metropolis around it.  We promise you’ll leave knowing more about Central Park than most New Yorkers.

Tour Details:

About 3 hours and 15 min; 3 miles on foot (5 kilometers)
$45 for adults, $25 for kids 12 and under
Resumes mid-March Wed and Sat at 2:30.
Maximum group size is 12 adults
There will be 1 bathroom break
Starts near Fifth Avenue and Central Park South (you will receive detailed info after booking), ends in the Park near the Museum of Natural History and Metropolitan Museum of Art (you will be given directions).

If you have any questions about this walking tour, please click on the Email Us button below, and we’ll respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.  Or call us at  (347) 464-9335.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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Manhattan Schist in Central Park
The Lake in Central Park
Tour Group Near the Mall in Central Park
Angel in the Waters in Bethesda Terrace

Additional Tour Info

How strenuous is this walk? This walk covers about 3 miles on foot in nearly 3.5 hours.  Assuming the benches in the Park are not wet, there will also be plenty of opportunities to sit down (while your guide tells you interesting stories).  However, this tour does involve several short walks uphill and a few staircases to climb and descend.  If you feel that this may be too strenuous for your age, level of fitness, or state of health, then please consider joining another CityRover tour or contacting us for a private tour.  Generally, if you can walk up a flight of stairs without losing your breath, then this tour should present no challenges.

What About Kids? Our public tours are not ideal for young children, as they involve a lot of walking and cover topics geared to adults.  If you would like to tour with us and have children ages 10 and younger, please contact us about a private tour.   That said, there are 2 “child” tickets ($25 each) available for each public tour for children ages 12 and under.

Meeting Point: Detailed meeting point instructions will be emailed to you once your reservation has been processed.  Please note that the tour usually ends either near the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the American Museum of Natural History (not at the starting point), so we recommend using public transportation to get to the meeting point (vs. driving and parking).

Stops: There will be at least 1 restroom break during our walk.  Each participant will also be offered a complimentary bottle of water on the walk and a small snack along the way.  A meal prior to the tour is recommended.

Are gratuities included? Guide gratuities are not included in the tour price, so if you enjoy your tour, tips are very much appreciated.