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Hamilton at Rogers Theater NYC

Alexander Hamilton NYC Walking Tour: A Private Experience

Calling all history buffs and Hamilton fans!  Book our “Hamilton in NYC” private walking tour and explore historical locations, learn about events and figures captured in the smash-hit Broadway musical, and connect with the Founding Father whose image graces the $10 bill.

Explore different sections of Manhattan with direct connections to Alexander Hamilton, including:

  • Historic Downtown
  • Columbia University (Morningside Heights)
  • Hamilton Heights

Tour Highlights:

  • Explore Historic Downtown locations related to the American Revolution, the founding of the US Government, and Hamilton’s life in New York City.
  • Learn about the history and development of Wall Street and Hamilton’s connection to American finance.  We’ll also visit Federal Hall, the site of George Washington’s inauguration.
  • Visit Trinity Church, the burial place of Alexander Hamilton, Eliza, and Philip.  Learn about the duel and the events that led up to Hamilton’s tragic death.
  • Discover Columbia University’s classical campus uptown and learn about Hamilton’s humble origins as an orphan in the Caribbean and his early days in New York City as a student at King’s College.
  • Visit Hamilton Grange in Hamilton Heights, the only house Hamilton ever owned, and learn about the last few years of his life, as well as the life of Eliza Hamilton.

Tour Summary:

On this informative private walking tour, you’ll learn a great deal about one of America’s Founding Fathers and arguably the most influential New Yorker to ever inhabit this great city.  You’ll connect with the people, places, and events brought to life in the award-winning Broadway musical.  You’ll also gain a new appreciation for New York’s role in the American Revolution, the creation of America’s political and financial systems, and its evolution over the last 250 years.

Hamilton's Grave at Trinity Church

This tour is ideal for visitors who are interested in:

  • Learning more about Alexander Hamilton and the events depicted in the Broadway musical
  • History (American and NYC history in particular)
  • Exploring New York on foot in an intimate and informative way

Availability & Pricing:

Date & Time: This tour is available for private booking 7 days a week year-round upon request.

Suggested Duration: 4 to 6 hrs

Cost (for the group, not per person):

  • 1 to 5 people: $350 for 4 hours; $480 for 6 hours
  • 6 to 10 people: $420 for 4 hours; $550 for 6 hours
  • Groups larger than 10: Contact us for a quote

This tour could be done in 4 or 6 hours.  A 4-hr tour would allow us to cover the most important sights and topics, while a 6-hr tour would allow for a slightly more leisurely pace and a deeper dive into the areas and events explored.


  • This tour will conducted on foot.  However, to get from one part of Manhattan to another, we will use the subway ($2.75 per person per ride, not included in tour price).
  • We could either meet you at your hotel or specify a meeting point Downtown.
Hamilton statue at Columbia University

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